Mary's Story

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Mary McManus from Enniskillen has the lung conditions asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). Aged 100, Mary is the oldest person in Northern Ireland to regularly use theTelemonitoring NI service. Supported by her Respiratory Case Manager, Maura Ferris, and her daughters, Mary lives independently in her own home in Cornagrade.

How has telemonitoring helped?

Mary tests her oxygen levels and takes her temperature each day from the comfort of her own home and the readings are sent, via her telephone line, to the Telemonitoring NI team. The Telemonitoring NI Triage Team, which is based in Holywood, monitors Mary’s readings. If the readings are normal then Mary will simply repeat the tests the next day.

However, if the readings submitted are below or above acceptable levels then the Triage Team will inform Mary’s Case Manager, Maura, who will make contact with Mary and her family.

Would you recommend telemonitoring?

What Mary’s daughter Bernie Keenan had to say:

“Telemonitoring really suits our routine of how we provide care for our mother. We are confident when using the system and we are reassured that it plays a huge part in the health and wellbeing of mummy. It is important to us as a family that mummy can be cared for where she feels the most relaxed and that is in the comfort of her own home. It is essential that we keep a close eye on her respiratory conditions and telemonitoring allows us to do this with ease.

“The simple approach is to take her oxygen levels and temperature at home. If they are normal we have nothing to be concerned about. If the readings are unusual we know then straight away that she might have an infection and she may require medical intervention. Maura is always on hand to provide that medical support, whether it is just to provide antibiotics or to refer mum to the hospital if necessary. Mum herself often takes an interest in her readings and regularly asks us what they are; this also gives her peace of mind.”

What Respiratory Case Manager, Maura Ferris, had to say:

“Mary is an excellent example of how telemonitoring is working for our patients. Patients are aware of the early warning signs, such as an increase in temperature, and they often contact us before we get the chance to contact them. This means I can then offer early medical intervention, which in many cases avoids or reduces hospital admissions.

“I would encourage anyone with a long-term condition whether it is COPD or diabetes to consider this unique system of managing their condition at home. It is quick and easy to use, full training on using it is given and your assigned case worker is always available to answer any questions.”