Come March '14 the Telemonitoring NI service will be heading into the 3rd year of its 6 year contract and to-date there have been more than 2000 patients benefitting from the service. In order to plan for the remaining 3 years and prior to any decision being taken on the future developments of the Telemonitoring NI service and their extent, a robust evaluation of the benefits, or otherwise, of Telemonitoring NI is essential.

A comprehensive research evaluation is required to demonstrate whether the potential benefits of RTNI are being achieved. The evaluation should be managed independently of those people involved in service delivery.

To this end, the Centre for Connected Health and Social Care and the R&D Division of Public Health Agency NI are commissioning an external, independent research study to be completed within the 6 year term of the initial Telemonitoring NI contract. The outputs of the evaluation would:

  • inform the current roll-out of Telemonitoring NI, enabling improvements to be made in a timely fashion;
  • inform the development of (any) subsequent Telemonitoring contract;
  • inform future strategy for technology deployment in healthcare in NI; and
  • during the initial 6 years and beyond, enable well-informed decision-making.

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